Piramal Healthcare

Pharma Solutions (a division of Piramal Healthcare Ltd) is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies offering unique full lifecycle partnership and drug development services to small/virtual and big pharma companies. Its Morpeth site is engaged in the supply of advanced intermediates and commercial APIs to a number of European customers.

With the goal of ever­increasing improvements in yield and quality, Piramal has investigated the MS2 Process Diagnostics system and, with a team comprising in­house technologists augmented by specialists from AJM Consulting, has developed models which highlight subtle causes of process variability, enabling management to implement procedures which ensure improved productivity.

The complex manufacturing processes employed at Morpeth include state of the art batch manufacture. The advanced functions which the MS2 Process Diagnostics System provides for visualising the relationship between multiple batch step conditions and output parameters such as yield and individual quality parameters have been used to highlight complex cause and effect relationships.

“The high level of complexity of our processes means that investigations into performance are very time­consuming. The advanced functions which MS2 provides enable us to rapidly understand this complexity, and to pinpoint subtle multivariate relationships which would otherwise be difficult to identify.

We selected the MS2 Process Diagnostics system from AJM Consulting to assist in this because of its advanced visualisation tools and the batch and step profile analysis techniques which it provides.

The flexibility and ease of use of the MS2 system has been much appreciated by our process specialists. It has enhanced our understanding of our processes, enabling us to focus our improvement efforts on critical areas. We see this as a key tool to include in our continual efforts to improve production excellence.”

Jarrett Palmer, Operations Director