As more people hear about the opportunities for understanding their variability, and how this can be used to improve consistency of quality and yield, we are now being asked increasingly for consultancy.

Sometimes, companies simply want a specific problem solving, and do not want to implement a permanent MS2 system. To meet this need, we now provide assistance to investigate the problem, using MS2. No licence purchase is required and, unlike a Pilot Project, a restricted licence copy is not provided. In this way, a problem can be solved at very low cost, sometimes in as little as a day or two.

This can be a particularly effective approach where the client can provide a process expert (who has the plant knowledge) to work alongside our process diagnostics expert (who has MS2 knowledge).

Pilot Projects

Many companies know they could potentially gain real benefits by utilising the powerful variability cause analysis facilities which MS2 provides.

However, it may be difficult to justify investment unless the practicality of applying MS2 to their process can be confirmed.

For this reason we are offering a pilot project scheme. This addresses a problem of the client’s choice and we build a model within MS2, ending with a workshop session at which the conclusions are demonstrated and the client has an opportunity to query the model.

We then provide a restricted licence copy of MS2, including the study model, for the client’s own use. This has all the analysis and visualisation functions of the full system except that no other data sets can be imported.

Should the client then wish, part of the cost of the pilot project can be offset against licence purchase. This approach to starting to apply process diagnostics has proven to be very popular with clients.