Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company focused on catalysis, precious metals, fine chemicals and process technology. For almost 200 years it has continuously developed its technology, and retains world leadership by adapting constantly to changing customer needs. With operations in over 30 countries and over 8,700 employees, its products are sold around the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries. It is a world leading manufacturer of catalysts for vehicle exhaust emissions control.

The company has a worldwide reputation for excellence in catalysis and precious metals technology, and has received the Queen’s Award no less than ten times, for Export, Technology, Environment and Innovation.

Having first assessed the applicability of the MS2 Process Diagnostics System to its complex and highly innovative processes, the Company has now invested in no less than eight MS2 systems, all of which include the advanced real time multivariate technologies developed by AJM Consulting’s EU funded Project Hawk.

"Our complex processes and continuous advancement in technology lead to a need for rapid and comprehensive understanding of our wide­ranging processes. To facilitate this we investigated the opportunities presented by the MS2 Process Diagnostics System from AJM Consulting. An initial trial on a single plant section proved its applicability to our business.

We have now invested in more powerful versions of the system and are implementing it in various areas of our business where its ability to visualise the interactions between many variables assists us to improve our understanding of the innovative processes we have developed, and upon which much of our business depends.”

Mike Child, Johnson Matthey