Aesica Pharmaceuticals

Aesica Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients company based in Cramlington, Northumberland, supplies customers on every continent. Since the 1970’s it has been the supplier of choice for customers ranging from small start­ups to the global giants of the pharmaceutical industry, a position achieved through advanced technology and manufacturing excellence.

The Company’s wide range of complex manufacturing processes is backed up by advanced analytical techniques. State of the art computer controlled production processes enable it to be responsive to customers’ needs and highly flexible. cGMP excellence is a universal target and FDA audits have demonstrated that its standards are amongst the highest in the world.

Aesica is committed to maintaining its excellent quality and hence to a process of continual striving for improvement. To assist in developing their process knowledge to new levels of sophistication, the Company has now invested in the MS2 Process Diagnostics System from AJM Consulting to assist in gaining an ever deeper understanding of the complexity of its processes. Developed by AJM Consulting, this system uses innovative algorithms and visualisation tools to identify the consequences of interaction of process variables and to pinpoint areas in which manufacturing performance can be improved still further.

"The ability of the MS2 process Diagnostics system to co-display a multitude of variables simultaneously then quickly identify interactions has already proved to be very useful. Whilst confirming some previously held beliefs there have been some genuine surprises in some of the causes behind process variability. It is this ability to handle and analyse diverse data sets in a user­friendly format which I believe will yield significant benefit to our many processes”

John Budge, Aesica Pharmaceuticals Ltd